True Inner Self

The Meaning Behind 'Who Am I?'

Do you have an inner life?

While dwelling within is your true inner self revealed?

Can the answer to 'WHO AM I?' be found within rather than in the world?

Its an ageless question asked from many perspectives: philosophical, religious, scientific physical. At i-happiness I do not want to rehash all that has been said by the many philosophers scholars and psychologists to date. It is an ageless question and that would be an endless task.

In asking WHO AM I? I am really asking 'Who are you? and only you can answer such a question. And can such knowledge about ones self ever be gained? Can that question be answered?

As a student of life I have found that there is much I knew about myself of which I was unaware and much I didn't know about myself, of which I was also unaware. And there was much that I knew I wanted to discover about myself which remained hidden yet was actively disrupting my life.

who are you, true inner self

We Are What Is Known And What Is Unknown

In accepting the unknown - accepting that my unconscious was also me - I began a journey through which I was introduced to the all of me. Well, at least to the all of me I am capable of experiencing at this moment. And the all of me is so much more than I used to be. It's endless yet available. Where before I was timid, though spiritually aware, now I am courageous and adventurous when it comes to continuing this journey called life.

True Inner Self - True You - Revealing Who You Are

And life is so much more interesting and nurturing when lived from true inner self. I have created a bond with the value system of my inner being, thus I am aligned and have an allegiance to what I recognize as 'TRUE YOU'......TRUE ME. Now I realize that it is true inner self' that reveals the answer to 'WHO AM I?' It is an adventure I wouldn't miss for the world. Such a journey adds value to every aspect of my life.

So take another look at the questions above and answer them for yourself. Travel with us here at i-happiness and we will discover the depths of ourselves together.

Who Am I?

I have not yet experienced myself

As the sun the moon and the stars

As many a sage has described

But I have at once been all

Nothing and everything

For a moment, a brief glimpse

A glimpse of who I am

And it smiled me, I glowed

I have not mastered such a state

But I am constantly morphing

Always closer to that permanence

That which is my emerging place

That which holds all

That which is all I can be

If only for a second

A glimpse of who I am

It smiles me now

I am glowing

(poem by Krysia)

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