Happiness Comes From Within

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Satisfying nurturing happiness comes from within the rich world that exists inside; deep inside of ourselves. Connecting with this rich world within, makes such lasting happiness available.



is what we will delve into

in this part of i-happiness.com.

There is no need to become someone else.

No need to remake yourself.

Just so much more of yourself to meet.

So much of you to accept.

You coming home to


Here you can

  • take time to rediscover your child like innocence
  • take steps to befriend your inner child
  • find out how truly harmless you are
  • add a fresh unbridled spiritual aspect to your adult self
  • delve into who you have always been as an Eternal Spirit

and much much more. On such a journey you'll be convinced of the value of the happiness that comes from within.

A new perspective emerges

With new knowledge about yourself, looking from the inside out, a new perspective of who you are emerges.

And the sorting begins.

Sorting truth from fiction. Sorting your illusory self from your experience of True You. Lovingly integrating those patterns of inherited behaviour that have so often caused chaos within and without.

Developing a new conversation within, evolving a strong inner life with you as goodness at the helm, can be the end of such inner chaos and the beginning of a peaceful livable life. A life most wanted.

This journeying through the inner self is my story.

It describes what I experienced as I went within and stayed there, deeply committed to know all that there was to know.

In being deeply invested in my inner world, I have been able to experience all the above. My inner conversation is sweeter and even when negative thoughts play, I befriend them. Now I am self-nurtured.

This conversation within is the door to knowing yourself

Befriending You@YourCore.

The you that holds the keys to peace love and happiness. From such a vantage point, happiness arises to meet you.

No need for trying, constantly trying to become a happy person through participation in outer life experiences. Instead happiness turning up as a result of dwelling within where your true nature reigns.



Getting it right within and it will be all ok without

Maybe slowly, but with time and support, your life in the world will take on a new order. One full of Peace Love and Happiness

A life where true happiness comes from within and its glow is visible on your face and shines in your eyes. Such happiness is priceless.

Let's uncover it together

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