Divine Happiness


Divine Happiness is addictive

It is an addiction of the highest order, showering its willing victims with a permeating cascade of joy.

Happiness that comes from what we can buy or who we know and where we holiday is for a while fun and certainly can bring a degree of happiness. But it is overrated, in that it is hard work, expensive and fleeting. Its joy is momentary if not even illusive.

Divine Happiness is the realm that I feel is my true home
Divine Happiness - my true home It is where I yearn to reside. Let's say I rent an apartment there and am looking forward to settling permanently in that realm. I have put down strong foundations and only infrequently do I stray back to old ways. Strong memories can do that.

To get to this point on this website was very important to me

At this point I can begin to share my process and my practise. I take such sharing very seriously. I have two reasons for taking what I am doing - sharing myself from a deep and personal level - very seriously, as it is not a trite matter this writing and sharing.

  • Firstly - because opening myself up to strangers and vouching for a process and a way of life that brings me happiness, well that leaves me vulnerable and open to criticism.

    So I share because of an inner urge and not because it is such a sensible thing to do. There is a part of me that still tries to tell me that there must be something else I could do with my life.

  • Secondly - I see many people seeking, seeking, seeking, trying so hard to find happiness. Trying so hard to alleviate that which causes them pain. And they are earnest in their search, doing many courses, participating in so much and taking advice from so many.

    Yet they / I / we still seem to be going around in the same circle of stuff - memories. Patterns of behavior that were laid down in our emotional DNA centuries ago and still dominate our lives in each new moment.

There is relief from such hidden ghosts. Relief that doesn't include escape into other destructive behaviours; activities that bring momentary pleasure but end in toxic and lethal addictions.

I have found relief from such hidden ghosts. Not all have been vanquished, but a good many have been. I've found such relief without moving away from myself, away from my environment or away from my problems.

Divine Happiness as my inner geography ♥

This inner happiness - my inner geography - is my drug of choice. It not only relieves pain from past emotional turmoil, but also nurtures my mind and my body and focuses my purpose.

I feel I have to speak up and share my journey; no choice there. It is my purpose. I love this inner journey and in the sharing of such inner knowing I am in return showered with love.

It's a Win - Win situation

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Sharing is fundamental to
human happiness ♥
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